Enjoy an overview of our work to foster imagination, opportunity and hope. We strive to provide a rigorous analysis of our academic and social emotional learning program. Below you will find an archive of our Annual Reports (a general overview of successes and highlights from the year) and our Evaluation Reports (an in-depth study and analysis of our program results).

If you have questions, tips, or ideas, please contact our Program Director, Rose Lynn Abesamis-Bell ( We’d love to host you at a school site!


Annual Report 2015.16

Annual Report 2014.15

Annual Report 2013.14

Annual Report 2012.13

Annual Report 2011.12

Annual Report 2010.11

Annual Report 2009.10

Annual Report 2008.09



Evaluation Report 2015.16

Evaluation Report 2014.15

Evaluation Report 2013.14

Evaluation Report 2012.13

Evaluation Report 2011.12

Evaluation Report 2010.11

Evaluation Report 2009.10

Evaluation Report 2008.09

Evaluation Report, 2007.08